Announcing the official launch of the brand new Covet Addicts Wiki! (with competition!)[edit | edit source]

There's a new wiki! This one is dead now.

Here's a link to the new wiki:

It's so much more organized!! Please visit that wiki and do not use this one! Admins are no longer active on this wiki and you will not be able to find relevant information easily. Unfortunately, there's not a feature to advertise fashion houses on the new wiki yet, so you'll have to do that on the subreddit linked below. In attempts to advertise and support the use of the new wiki, please refrain from adding comments, blog posts, edits, or improvements to this wiki. Any questions can be directed towards the Covet fashion subreddit (linked below).

If you do not have Reddit, and still wish to advertise your fashion house, please select Game Play > Social > Fashion Houses, and comment under that page (on the new wiki).

And to celebrate the launch of the Covet Addicts Wiki, we're hosting an inaugural competition with TWO prizes! First Prize – Write a Design Prompt – 1575 diamonds; Second Prize – Lottery Draw – 600 diamonds. You can check out the details for the competition, and the link for it, in the comment below.

Link for Wiki competition is here (scroll down to "Competitions"):,_Competitions_and_Events

Don't forget to book mark our Main Page! here:

Here's a link to the Covet subreddit:

Announcement post:

Special thanks to u/LydiaBennett, u/Mystical972 and u/TheFanshionista, who have put in literally hours and hours of work to help make this new wiki happen. Many thanks, as well, to the small army of volunteers from the Covet Fashion subreddit (linked above) who have contributed tables, text, images, and resources. This has been a labor of love, from and for the fan community.

Happy Coveting!

NEW WIKI (see above)[edit | edit source]

This game is about fashion! It mixes a bit of fun, trends, into a lovely competitive game. Let your votes draw its way to your destiny, of 2-5.8 stars! Make top look, and get tons of prizes to boost you on your next challenge.

NEW WIKI (see above)[edit | edit source]

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